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When is comes to security, take the time to review your options. no matter how good your security system is, you want to have some peace of mind knowing that in case of a fire or burglary - a real, local, Canadian operator will dispatch the fire trucks or the police if needed.  Some door to door companies are based in the United States. They hire local sales people to push sales.  watch the video for more information. 


a.p.i Alarm INC is one of Canada's largest monitoring station. They run  multiple locations nationwide , which brings high level of redundancy to it's customers. a.p.i  provide services in the United Stated as well.                    a.p.i is a  ULC listed monitoring station which means that many financial institutions, jewelry stores and other high profile sites are having their security system monitored by a.p.i. 

A.V.O Systems is authorized dealer for a.p.i.  we  install and service your equipment to assure it's properly communicating with the monitoring station.

Unlike other security companies, you are not required to deal directly with the monitoring station , everything is done trough our own service dept - providing you with smooth and efficient security services.


a.p.i monitoring - your peace of mind generator

No matter how reliable and sophisticated your security system is. It does a very simple task, it sends a digital signal from point A to B.  From the moment this signal is leaving your house - it is into the hands of the operator in the monitoring station to properly identify, analyze and respond to this signal.   It’s about how reliable your monitoring station is.

Monitoring You Can Count On