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Regardless of the plan you pick, the equipment or any other condition, we do not sign you on a contract.  we simply don't have one.   we just ask you to let us know 15 days before your desired cancellation date. no penalties.

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our core principles regarding alarm systems

       12 months full warranty

 At A.V.O Systems, we publish our pricing on a regular basis. This page is linked to our inventory system, means that it updates automatically when we add or remove products or when we issue discounts or make any price changes. changes are done every 2 weeks.  All pricing are in CAD, G.S.T In.       Note that we do not publish any pricing for commercial customers as it requires a site visit by one of our technicians and sales agent to evaluate the site.  Call our sales team today for to plan your install 403-253-6040, Option 3. 

        month to month basis.

        you own the security equipment

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We provide full warranty, labor AND parts for a period of 12 months for new  equipment. We do not charge a warranty plan fee every month. 

CALL US TODAY 403-253-6040

CALL TODAY 403-253-6040

We sell you the equipment, you own it.  We don't lock program our panels, we keep them programmable so if you wish to switch to a different security dealer later on, you can easily do that.  some other companies may offer free equipment and free installation fees, but they also lease you the equipment and may charge penalties if you wish to cancel your contract. 

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