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You can easily control  your thermostats, garage doors, lights, locks and water valves directly at the LYNX Touch display. also do it around your home using Wi-Fi® enabled devices or remotely when using Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services. You can even randomize lights for a lived-in look while you’re away and set scenes that correspond to sunrise and sunset times!

Below, you can see our verity of residential security sensors that we use.  90% of our stock is coming  from two well known brands: BOSCH Security Germany and Honeywell Canada.  the better the quality of the sensor, the less false alarms to be expected.

Our average "perform time" from the moment you call us to have the system fully installed is 47 hours on average as of May 2019 (Residential Accounts)

In order to serve you better, it is important for us to understand your needs. most customers will install a security system in their home without facing any actual security issues - They do it as a precaution measure. Others will call in, and ask us for a system installation because they are worried about a specific or multiple related issues, such as: Neighbor had a break in.  |  Water Leak issues |  Domestic Violence Situation  | Business Theft  | Commercial Yard Theft | High value items in the house/business | vandalism issues | luxury Items Protection | Monitor and track family members, for example: are the kids home yet from school? |  Any other specific issue you have concerns about.  The better we understand your issue the more dedicated your security system would be. 

STEP ONE;  what is youR Concern ?


When it comes to security, the more is not the better. It is not about the amount of sensors in your home, It  is also not about  the luxury or sophistication of the security  keypad , or the remote smartphone app you use.  It's about asking yourself the simple question: What is the actual risk ?  Our goal is  to match the equipment with your actual security needs.   a simple example would be a wireless panic button for a domestic violence situation that would dispatch the police quietly if needed. 

A.V.O Systems will make sure that your system is reliable, affordable and most important: simple to use.  Follow the steps below to better understand our concept of security:


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Looking to elevate your connected home and business?  Meet Tuxedo Touch  Home and business Controller.

This magnificent, 7" high-resolution graphic touchscreen is the easiest, and most affordable way to tie all of the technology in your homes or  businesses together—including security, cameras and Z-Wave® enabled thermostats, lights, locks and shades. Tuxedo Touch will respond to speech commands— giving our residential customers convenient, hands-free operation. End users can also view and record video right at the touchscreen or on a mobile devices around their homes or business.

the "lynx touch" by honeywell 

Honeywell’s lifestyle-enhancing LYNX Touch lets you control your security system, lights, locks and thermostats, view video and more—all from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen! You can also control it  on your  mobile device. Choose from versions with 7” or 4.7” touchscreens. The icons and words are large, crystal clear and easy to read—making LYNX Touch great for family members of all ages. Choose the brilliant, 7” touchscreen for an even greater user experience!

Our LYNX Connect App* lets you use your Wi-Fi® enabled iOS or Android™ devices for easy, on-premises system control and video viewing.

After clearly defining your concerns, the next step is to pick the right equipment for your needs.  With every basic security installation set up, the equipment used is likely to be the same, for example: Motion Detectors, Door Contacts, Glass break Sensors and other environmental sensors such as Smoke Detectors, CO detectors and water flood sensors. But remember, the more is not the better.  the greater the amount of sensors in your house, the more maintenance and potentially false alarms to come.  No matter which security company you go with, always remember that your security panel is only a link in the chain of protection.  Important questions must be asked in order to make sure you feel comfortable with your installed equipment, For example: How fast will the monitoring station react to the incoming

alarm?   How will the monitoring station response to a phone line cut signal coming through the back up account? 

STEP two;  select the appropriate equipment

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Combine all that with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services - to provide security system , automation and video control anywhere in the world  offering a complete, end-to-end solution .

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