A.V.O systems provides full integration between security, CCTV and door access control.  We can easily customize your security system to work together.  When the alarm system is going off at the middle of the night, we would program the PTZ camera to automatically point to the area where the alarm motion detector is tripped and switch to high resolution recording.  at the same time we can program all access control doors to lock.

Another good example of utilizing security and PTZ would be the loading bays area of a typical warehouse. One of our customers installed 4 PTZ cameras in his warehouse. When one of the overhead doors report open (means there is a truck loading/unloading). the camera automatically points at the door. It would also switch views between other open bay doors every X amount of seconds. 

The higher the megapixel, the higher the amount of  data required to be pushed from the camera to the NVR (Network video recorder). on average, we program the NVR to provide 14 days of recording time from all cameras.  Some customers requires 30 days of recording time on a lower video quality, others ask for 7 days of recording time using the highest quality output of the camera.  The best way to go is with combined equipment, if you run a car dealership for example and looking for good quality CCTV system, you could install 2 to 3 of the 10MP cameras in order to cover your lot. We program the NVR to only record when movement is detected, this way you wont need a large storage on your NVR and save cost.  Other internal cameras inside the building would be 2-3MP cameras, as there is no need for higher MP quality in the office space.

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camera quality vs recording time

WDR - Wide Dynamic Range,  is the ability of the security camera  to properly balance multiple source  of contrast and light differences.   In the images below, the camera on the right present a better  W.D.R. ability.  a single camera can now cover a much larger area.

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dynamic range

When it comes to CCTV quality, we only deal with the best of the best.  It is important for us to maintain high level of product quality as it reflect our work and demonstrate our company ability to bring quality to the table.  Sometimes we would quote a customer for a 2.1 megapixel camera, but if our stocking and product availability allows, we will install a 3 megapixel onsite without changing the original quote and charging additional cost.  For us, it's a matter of a minor change in our profit, for you, the customer, it means that a 3 megapixel might give you the ability to identify faces or a vehicle license plate where a 2.1 Mega megapixel camera may not. This is just an example of our sales concept: keep you, the customer, fully satisfied with the QUALITY of your CCTV picture. 

From a basic, single residential security camera,  and all the way up to a 170 cameras surveillance systems in a complex industrial facility,  with advanced vms software and CCTV control room design - You can fully trust A.V.O Systems professional technicians to lead your next project. We only supply and install state of the art equipment from well known companies.  Our line of products is always up to date, allowing you to take the benefit of the latest technology in the security industry.

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Every IP based security camera comes with a predefined megapixel rating. as the megapixel rating goes up, so do the details in the picture.  In a typical IP camera installation we would use a 2.1 to 3MP (Megapixel) camera.  It is not always necessary to install a high megapixel rating camera, it depends on the application.  for example:  If you wish to get a general picture of your office waiting area, a 2.1MP will do it.   On the other hand, if you wish to clearly  identify a person face you would go with the 3MP camera.  Other applications like license plate recognition or a large parking lot area would be as high as 10MP.

single camera concept

In many cases, it is much more efficient to remove multiple low quality cameras and give way to a single high quality 10MP camera. the high megapixel CCTV single camera concept allows you to cover a large area AND maintain high level of quality.  the image below is taken from an actual 10MP IP Security camera with a zoom lens. 

The distance between the camera and the trailer wheel is approximately 450 feet.

megapixel - the more, the better

pan/tilt/zoom - ptz camera with security system Integration


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The ability to control the angle and the zoom of your cameras creates additional layer of security for your business. it allows you to view  every corner of your facility by pointing the PTZ camera to high risk areas at specific time. (for example: point at the loading bay from 8AM to 5PM and automatically point at the yard gate from 5PM to 8AM).  Once you save the pre-defined locations, the camera is now able to point into them in less than 3-5 seconds. the pre-defined locations also means that the camera will zoom into to the saved location and automatically focus.   Read about the use of presets and watch the video to see how fast the camera automatically  travels between pre-defined locations.

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