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  • Lawn sign and Window stickers.

  • New alarm panel battery.

  • Our technician will test your system and send signals to the monitoring station.

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  •  Alarm monitoring using cellular unit                                                                             36.00  per month.
  •  Alarm monitoring using wired Internet                                                                         30.00  per month.

flat $70.00 alarm system activation fee.

  • Alarm monitoring using phone line                                                                               24.50  per month.

       Residential and Commercial Security Solutions 

current ALARM MONITORING PRICING  for switch over accounts

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  • Alarm monitoring using WIFI                                                                                          30.00  per month.

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  •  Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services                                                                  40.00  per month.    (For supported alarm panels - call for details)

If your home is already equipped with an alarm system, you should be able to activate it with us and save money on new equipment. We  would need to verify that your system is not locked by your current alarm dealer.   If it is locked , we could offer you great pricing on upgrading your old panel.  Call us today to talk with one of our technicians and learn if you could use your current alarm system.  In order to determine the status of your old alarm system and evaluate if we could use it, any information would help us:

  • The name of the company installed the system.

  • The make and model of the alarm system

  • The year it was installed.

You may send all this info together with a photo of your security panel directly to our office staff or contact our sales team 403-253-6040, option 3