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We supply and install high quality locking devices from well known vendors   A.V.O will make all the arrangements to ensure that the locking devices are installed properly. In some cases, some door framing modification is required in order to install the locking device, we take care of any required locksmith work.

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Electromagnetic Locks "MAG LOCKS"

will go into alarm when a user is trying to get into unauthorized area, or when a door is held open.  a simple integration will bring a live security camera picture on the screen.  A.V.O Systems specialize in custom solutions, call us today and talk to our I.T / Access Control technical team for more information.

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We supply and install a large variety of access control readers.  From a basic 4 digit code keypads to advanced fingerprint scanners , A.V.O Systems

Will have the right solution for your company.  If you already own an access control system and looking for cards and/or keyfob supply, call us today for pricing.

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       Residential and Commercial Security Solutions 

Magnatic Locks are designed to provide maximum locking strength for commercial doors.  The electromagnetic lock attached directly to the door frame using heavy duty bolts, and a similar size magnet drilled  into the door itself.  Most electromagnetic locks provide around 1500 LBS of holding force.  Some locks comes with a build it sounder that goes into alarm when the mag lock is tampered without proper card swipe.



From a  single door controller to multiple linked commercial buildings, our professional and dedicated access control team will help you to get better control of your business. On our first visit,  we perform a full site inspection and evaluate your security needs.  There is no cost involved with the site inspection.  Below, are few examples showing our line of products.                A.V.O System also hires part time electronic engineer as needed.  they help us customize security solutions for our customers.  call us today and talk to one of our Access Control specialists.


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The EW8310 is more than an Electromagnetic lock, it can also sense when an intruder is attempting to gain access into a building through a locked door.
The patented built-in sensor detects attempted forced entry and activates a local and/or remote alarm prior to the integrity of the door being compromised; well before the break-in has occurred.

The single door controller is perfect for small office applications and residential buildings.  It's simple to install and easy to use.  it has it's own web-based interface which allows you to connect directly using TCP/IP without the need of a dedicated software installed on your PC. 

The single conntroler may be connected to an electrike door stike or door magnatic lock.  call us today for pricing and info.

An electric strike allows you to open the protected door from the inside using the basic door handle or knob, where in a mag lock, a button must be pushed from the inside to release the voltage to the mag lock. The electric strike is recessed into the door frame and require some minor door frame cutting work. 

All of our access control panels are TCP/IP based.  It gives you the option to login into the access control server from multiple locations.  You can also set authority levels for specific users.  For example: The front desk receptionist can only add and remove cards that are assigned to visitors and contractors, and cannot make any other card changes in the system.  Having your access control system on your local network , allows you to view real time events by having a live  screen running in your office. The live event screen