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A.V.O will customize a security  solution that would fit your business needs.  On top of our regular security line of products, we also hire, as needed, Electrical and Electronics Engineers to develop customized security solutions in all fields - CCTV/burglary, Door access System and other low voltage products. Please take a moment to review our case studies below in order  to better understand how we customize our security products

Our average "perform time" from the moment you call us to have the system   FULLY  installed is 5 Days on average as of November  2015
(Commercial Accounts)

Customer Issue

One of our customers, a large car dealership in Airdrie, complaint about on-going vehicle vandalism during business hours.  They had an existing average CCTV system in place and they were able to capture the event, but they were unable to determine his identity due to the low quality of the camera,  and the long distance from the building to the end of the parking lot.


A.V.O Solution 

We decided to install 2 additional IP HD Security Cameras with 1080p quality and high mega pixel rate.  it allowed us to reasonably identify a person face from a distance of 350 feet.   Watch the video below  to see a demonstration of a similar camera  and site.(please set Youtube quality to 720p)

Customer Issue

One of our customers, a large tire distributor in Calgary,  contacted us with  concerns about on-going inventory theft from his  back yard trailer (they store high quality tires in this trailer).   He already had  security cameras in his back yard.   He initially asked us to replace the cameras in his back yard to H.D-quality so he can, hopefully, catch the person/s involved in this theft. 

A.V.O Solution 

Instead of replacing the old CCTV system in the back yard to a higher H.D quality system (as required by the customer), we decided to install an electrical strike lock on the trailer door and a card access system. we also installed a high quality  camera showing the inside of the trailer.                 we created  a system limitation  that requires 2 different fob scan from 2 different employees -  in order to gain access  to the trailer.                          We programmed the security sensors in the trailer to notify the manager if there is any movement inside the trailer without proper key fob scan. (Alarm Condition). 

For the past 2 years, this customer had zero issues with inventory theft.  It stopped immediately the day we had this system installed.  people understands that security systems increases their chances to get caught, and therefore they would look for a different location  that has little or no security protection.

A.V.O Systems started its way as a commercial only company specializing in large industrial CCTV IP systems/VMS, ULC Fire Monitoring contractor Installations Services and large security and access control applications.   Later during 2013 we penetrated into  the residential market as well.  Our dedicated  consultants for commercial and industrial security are available to address any concerns you might have with your business.  Our commercial installers  are dedicated to commercial and industrial work only (we hire separate installers for residential work).


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false alarm issues - warehouse

Customer Issue

A medical clinic in Edmonton located in a high crime area had several issues of  patients insulting doctors and nurses during their medical treatment.  This facility already had a security guard onsite but they were unable to tell if anything is going wrong in the examine rooms. they would only know if there was a verbal or sometimes physical assault only after the patient has left the room.


A.V.O Solution 

We decided to install a  panic button under the desk in every examine room. we also provided the clinic staff a wireless medical button for every staff member to carry in their pocket.  once the button pressed, it creates a silence alarm and comes up on the display where the clinic security guard is located.  also, we installed a flashing strobe above every examine room door. it will flash once the button is pressed inside the room.

vehicle vandalism - car dealership

A.V.O Systems Business Security And Access Control

Customer Issue

The customer had an existing CCTV system that was installed by a different company back  in 2003. they spent over $65,000 for the installation of 45 cameras in their 22,000 sq. feet facility.  They are dealing with massive amounts of shipping and receiving materials and require to see all loading bays and yard loading areas to coordinates the fork lift operators.  over the years they have expended into new loading bays requiring more cameras They also had failing cameras over the years and spent thousands for maintenance of the CCTV system. they called us to get a quote for upgrading and asked to keep it reasonable on the low side  as their budget is much lower then what they spent back in 2003.


A.V.O Solution 

One of our security consultants joined the forklift coordinators for couple of hours in their facility control room. He tried to better understand their needs.  we soon realized that most of the 52 cameras are not being used at the same time.  they are using a  switch to select which cameras would show up on their monitor.  They have no security concerns as this facility is working 24/7.  the only purpose of their camera system is to manage the  forklift drivers.  Based on that, we realized that the best option is to install PTZ cameras and program pre-defined locations for the cameras.  this way the operators press a location button and the PTZ camera would point at the direction required.  a single PTZ camera would cover an area of 6-8 static cameras in this facility.                

silent panic buttons - medical facility

inventory theft  - tire distributor

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Customer Issue

The customer had a security system installed in their warehouse by another security company.  they had  9  false alarms in a period of 2 months.  their system was  4 months old at the time we took over the account.   They asked us to quote them for solving the false alarm issues as they were paying   $ 75.00 penalty fee for the City of Calgary for each visit.


A.V.O Solution 

A.V.O Systems sales team offered the customer a fixed price deal.  We did not billed the customer by the amount of service calls  that we do, we only billed him once. We gave him the assurance  that once we are done with our work, we guarantee 2 years of zero false alarms caused by a falling  sensor.  we also provided the customer 3 free false alarms fine payment, means that A.V.O System would pay the City of Calgary in case of a false alarm.   during our site inspection we found  some motion detectors that were facing the windows. We also found other motion sensors facing  the shop heater.  we found the front door contact  mounted incorrectly - every time the breeze shake the door it would cause an alarm.  After we fixed all the issues, the customer never had any false alarm.  this case is now 5 years old.